How to Find Lower Energy Rates

A few months my company, Energy Professionals, helped a healthcare facility in Pennsylvania who, having worked with a consultant for

A few months my company, Energy Professionals, helped a healthcare facility in Pennsylvania who, having worked with a consultant for years, was completely convinced they were paying low energy rates. But one look at their energy bills told us otherwise…

Just because you live in a deregulated state and have a choice about your energy supplier, doesn’t mean you’ve got the lowest energy rates.

In this article, I am going to discuss the two main ways that you can find lower energy rates for your business.

Oh, and as for that healthcare facility, after doing a complete energy analysis, we were able to drop their energy rates by 52%!

The Most Popular Ways to Find Lower Energy Rates

If you own a business or manage the accounts for a business in a deregulated
energy state that offers energy choice, you’re able to choose your own energy
supplier and find lower energy rates.

That means you don’t have to buy your electricity and natural gas from the local utility. I’ll also give you a basic rule of thumb that will help you determine which option to use.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of energy deregulation or energy choice, check out my article that talks about How Energy Deregulation Works, or to see if your state offers energy choice, check out What States are Deregulated.

There are two main ways to find competitive energy rates and options: 

The Internet


An Energy Advisor


Finding Lower Energy Rates Online

As we quickly shift to more and more online experiences, today, many online platforms exist where you can type in your zip code and find competitive energy rates.

These platforms are great because they give you quick and easy access to multiple suppliers, rates, options, and contract terms. Signing up usually takes no longer than 15 minutes and you’re on your way to energy savings!

However, one very important thing to keep in mind is that the “lowest” rate is not always the best rate.

Sometimes you forget to read the fine print and don’t notice that the “low rate” you found was actually an intro rate that slowly increases over time.

Sometimes you sign up for a great rate, but it comes with heavy rules and restrictions or hefty cancelation fees.

But in the main, as long as you are aware of what you’re signing, online platforms are a great way
to compare and find lower energy rates.

Working with an Energy Advisor to Find Lower Rates

Another very common way to find lower energy rates is by contacting an energy advisor or consultant. Check out my article, What Does an Energy Consultant Do?

If you own or manage the accounts for a small, medium, or even a larger business, an energy advisor will help you realize energy savings by finding lower prices, fitting contract terms, reviewing the contract language with you to make sure there are no hidden fees or penalties, and overall balancing your risk tolerance.

Energy advisors have direct connections to most energy suppliers in your area and so are able to get lower rates by going directly to the supplier.

Additionally, they can advise on what contracts best fit your energy usage patterns, and work to protect you and your business.

Energy advisors can also help protect your business against increase energy supply costs by securing competitive pricing on fixed-rate contracts that guarantee your rate from anywhere between six months to seven years!

A Basic Rule of Thumb For Finding Lower Energy Rates

As a rule of thumb, if you’re shopping for lower energy rates for your home or a small business that uses less than 100,000 KWH a year, then an online platform is a great option. Just be sure to read the contract terms and conditions.

If your business uses more than 100,000 KWH a year then it would be worth speaking to an Energy Advisor to find that extra 2-3 fractions of a cent lower rate because if you use a lot of energy, those small fractions add up to a significant amount of savings.

And that’s kind of the rule of thumb.

If you use over 1,000,000 KWH in a year or have multiple locations in multiple states that use a lot of energy, then an energy advisor is definitely your best way to find and contract lower energy rates.

At Energy Professionals, we can even qualify you for a unique reverse auction process, where the top suppliers in your areas compete for your business by bringing their absolute lowest rates to the
table, providing you with substantial savings!

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