How To Lower Your Business Electricity Bill

Every year, small-medium size businesses spend over $60 billion on Energy. For many small to medium size businesses, energy costs

Every year, small-medium size businesses spend over $60 billion on Energy.

For many small to medium size businesses, energy costs are the largest unpredictable expense. A recent survey done by Constellation Energy showed that $60 billion dollars are spent on energy every year by small to medium size businesses in America. For business owners, finding ways to use energy more efficiently is important to gaining control over energy budgets and reducing costs. 

How can you save on Energy in the office?

Today, there are many ways to save on energy costs and use energy efficiently, allowing business owners to better control their energy budgets and reduce costs. Many of these are simple and can be done by letting your staff know to be more conscious of energy costs and ask for their help to jump start immediate energy savings. Other solutions use modern technology to help business owners manage energy usage smartly and automatically. We’ve combined a bit of both to give you more choice and some things you can do immediately, while also taking some others into consideration. 

Get an Energy Audit

An energy audit helps you determine your existing energy use and offers you a menu of possible solutions that you can take to help reduce energy costs at work. Most energy companies offer a free energy audit and in office visits. When requesting an energy audit, be sure to choose a company who has access to all possible solutions. This will give you a wider view of options you have and you will be able to pick the one that best fits your company and budget. 

Install Energy Efficiency Technology

There is a lot of equipment you can buy that is energy efficient. Most companies offer appliances that are ENERGY-STAR rated, that help reduce the amount of energy used. But today’s technology offers one step up from that. A smart LED lighting system allows you to program your lights to turn on or off at specified times. Sensors can tell when a room is getting more sunlight and automatically dim lights or turn lights off when areas go unoccupied. Many technologies exist that can help you smartly use your existing energy. 

Reduce Peak Demand

One of the best ways to reduce energy costs in a business is by managing or reducing peak demand. What is peak demand? Peak demand are the moments in your day when your business is using the most amount of energy. This could be at the start of your day when lights, computers or machines are all turned on at once or periods of the day where heavy machinery is being operated. Peak demand solutions help you reduce energy demand during peak hours and can amount to big savings on your bill. 

Turn Off Lights When Not In Use

It sounds simple but many businesses overlook this easy solution. Most business and offices have their lights on all day, including in bathrooms, conference rooms, empty offices, corridors and so on. Simply asking your employees to turn lights off as they leave rooms or when they walk by a room with nobody in it can help you save on energy instantly. 

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Taking advantage of natural sunlight can mean two things. Offices that get natural sunlight don’t need as much lighting as offices that have no windows. But beyond that, solar technology has become more and more affordable and effective and also offers appetizing incentives. In America, every three seconds a new solar system is installed. Installing commercial solar is easier than most business owners think.

Program Your Thermostat

In an office space where there is a set schedule. there is no need to keep the air conditioning or heating on while no one is in the office. Programming your thermostat to turn on thirty minutes before the office opens and turning off when the work days end is a simple way to immediately reduce energy costs. 

Plants Help Reduce Energy Costs

Plants help reduce energy costs from the exteriors of your building. Planting vegetation such as shrubs, plants and trees around the exterior of your office not only makes your building look great but they provide natural insulation against the sun and extreme weather conditions.

The World of Possibilities

Not to sound cliche, but there are many possibilities and combinations of solutions for every business that wants to reduce energy costs. If you are a business owner and are looking for ways to reduce your energy costs and better control your budget, above are some simple ways that can help you achieve this goal quickly. Our suggestion is that you reach out to us, Energy Professionals. 

For over twenty years Energy Professionals has been helping commercial customers reduce and control their energy budgets. We build client-specific, comprehensive energy strategies that factor in our client’s goals and objectives. Utilizing our extensive network of suppliers, energy efficiency experts and renewable energy partners, we bring the most effective, efficient and innovative technologies to the table. We offer both focused solutions to a specific issue and broad plans to address long-term growth, paving the way for energy independence, providing more choice and less waste.

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