How to Save Money with the Help of a Professional, Independent Energy Consultant

Many companies are not aware of the advantages of utilizing a professional, independent energy consultant in contracting for their energy

Many companies are not aware of the advantages of utilizing a professional, independent energy consultant in contracting for their energy supply. Following is a summary of benefits realized by clients of North American Energy Advisory.

North American Energy Advisory (NAEA) has direct access to all the major Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) in the United States. The goal of our firm is to obtain the most competitively priced energy supply available in your region for your specific needs. Our Senior Commodity Analyst utilizes his 35 years of experience in commodity markets to recommend the ideal timing and terms for procuring natural gas and electricity hedges for our clients.

Unlike many consulting organizations, our firm does not require a contractual agreement for an extended period with penalties for securing a contract via another consultant.  Our clients remain with us solely based on our performance, and if they are not satisfied with our service they are free to move on without penalty.

Our consulting firm receives a management fee directly from the Energy Supply Companies (ESCOs), which is included in the rate received when an energy supply contract is executed. There are no additional charges for our services.

We obtain bids for our clients based on Letters of Exclusivity (LOE) covering a defined period of time during which the bidding process takes place.  Our management fees for electricity and natural gas are included in the LOE and are modest by industry standards. Our consulting firm is committed to total transparency in our relationship with clients and suppliers.

We provide a summary of competitive bids prepared for clients by the different suppliers. Our clients are assured an accurate and fair comparison of ESCO offers and can thus ensure they receive the best possible rate.

However, our work does not end with the execution of the contract. In fact this is only the beginning. Our Customer Service Department ensures the contract is implemented correctly and is always available as a liaison between the customer and the ESCO and the utility company. We are available to answer questions and provide our expertise. We will continue to monitor your account and send you energy reports throughout the term of your contract.

In addition, we will notify you when it is time for you to request bids for your next hedge. We would then again obtain bids on your behalf based on Letters of Exclusivity (LOE) for a defined period covering the bidding process. Again, each bid clearly includes our management fee.

The goal of North American Energy Advisory is to provide you with the knowledge you need to lower, or mitigate increases in, your energy costs, and reduce your risk exposure during periods of anticipated high volatility.


Ray Franklin
Senior Commodity Analyst

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