Incredible Sources of Clean Energy

Energy Deregulation and the Clean Energy Movement Even if you aren’t into energy operations consulting like we are, you have

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Energy Deregulation and the Clean Energy Movement

Even if you aren’t into energy operations consulting like we are, you have probably heard the term “energy deregulation” thrown around. Energy deregulation is essentially the ability for each consumer to choose how they would like to purchase or receive their energy. Some of the benefits of energy deregulation include:

-Choosing energy plans best suited for individual needs (such as renewable energy)
-Increased competition among energy providers (leads to better service and prices)
-Increased Energy consciousness (as seen with the “how to become energy independent” movement)

Surprising Sources of Clean Energy

Most of us already know about things like solar panels and wind farms. Those technologies have been around for a while, however they are still making massive strides forward in efficiencies. Here are some of the more surprising sources of sustainable energy:

Algae Yes. Algae. That funky green film that is on top of the lake or fishing pond during the summer. Algae is a single celled organism that only requires water, sun light, and carbon dioxide to grow and survive. Although it is still being extensively researched, it is estimated that an acre of algae can produce enough oil for approximately 5,000 gallons of fuel. It is currently still an expensive operation to produce oil via algae, but scientists and entrepreneurs are working to make algae a truly “green” source of energy.

Coffee: No this isn’t energy for you via drinking a hot cup in the morning. This is legitimately a bio diesel fuel that is being researched. Considering how easy coffee is to grow already, this could turn it into even more of a cash crop as people begin using coffee grounds to power themselves and their cars. That’s a no brainer that you don’t need energy operations consulting to get behind!

Turkey Turds: Yes, researchers go high, low, and everywhere in between looking for clean energy. While this may not be “clean” in the sanitary sense, Israeli researchers have shown that turkey and chicken poop can be converted into renewable energy. The process produces a product called hydrochar, which is a fuel that burns similar to coal, but with less greenhouse gas.

Magma: We have looked to the sun, the wind, and the waves in the past for renewable energy . . . now researchers are looking at volcanoes. Molten lava has a LOT of extra energy to burn off. Scientists have gone to Iceland to experiment with deep drilling. Deep drilling is a way to get far below the surface of the earth. Deep into the earth (where they are drilling) the temperatures range from 400 to 1,000 degrees Celsius. This geothermal heat can produce massive quantities of energy and is virtually unlimited in scope.

Human Body Heat: This might seem a bit incredible, however it is true. In Stockholm, a company called Jernhusen used the heat from 250,000 people who ride the Central Railway Station as a source of renewable energy. The body heat was used to heat up water in underground tanks for use in the companies office building. Considering we are constantly putting off heat into the air, this is a pretty clever way to think “renewable.” Though doing energy operations consulting, we aren’t confident that this is scale-able.

Soccer Balls: This is one of our favorite innovations in clean energy right now, especially because of it’s impact in developing countries. Uncharted Play manufactures a soccer ball called “Soccket II.” This ball can be used to power a lamp for a few hours after being played with for 30-60 minutes. In rural areas and developing countries, having access to a soccer ball that can power a lamp does incredible things such as helping give light for homework or cooking. It also expands the scope of what could be used for renewable energy.

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