Investing in Energy Efficiency: Four Perks You Can Expect Beyond ROI

Are you ready to take the leap toward making your business a more sustainable, energy-efficient one? If so, you aren’t

Are you ready to take the leap toward making your business a more sustainable, energy-efficient one? If so, you aren’t alone. In fact, a recent survey reveals that 48% of business leaders are actively working to procure their electricity from more renewable sources.


According to their findings, the impetus behind this action is primarily financially-motivated. Future-focused companies know that clean energy equals less reliance on the grid, which translates to money in their pocket. Yet, while this is certainly a benefit you can expect from this movement, it’s hardly the only one.


Today, we’re sharing four perks beyond ROI that you can expect when your organization prioritizes investing in energy efficiency. Want to learn more? Put down the financial calculator for a minute and let’s explore.


  1. Lower Operating Costs


“Sure, I’ll invest in renewables. Once my bottom line grows and we can afford to look into such alternatives, we may have the resources to do so.”


Does that sound like a statement you’ve made in the past? If so, it’s time to rethink your stance. Contrary to popular belief, even the smallest business can take steps toward energy efficiency. It isn’t an initiative reserved for elite, Fortune 500 corporations, though the initial cost associated with some implementations, namely solar power systems, can make it appear as such.


Yet, not every company should take the plunge to majorly overhaul all of their existing systems all at once. Rather, by taking small steps toward improving efficiency, they’ll begin to recognize cost savings across their entire operation. As you control your business’ energy usage and engage modern, energy-saving systems, you’ll reduce energy waste and save money in the long run, making it worth the investment.


  1. Amplified Market Value


Spaces that embrace green energy are in demand, and forecasts show this is one trend that will only improve over time. As such, if you’re taking strides to make your buildings more energy-efficient, you’re also improving their market value.


How? Consider what features you’re adding to your offices, warehouses and more when you scale back their energy waste. You’re reducing their operating costs, lowering their utility bills and improving their overall reliability. In other words, you’re upping their long-term value and making them as profitable as possible in the event that it becomes time to sell.


  1. A Healthier Workforce


Energy efficiency doesn’t only mean cutting off the lights when not in use and shutting down computer systems at the end of the day. It also means improving your climate control systems to make them work smarter and healthier. When you do so, your employees will thank you.


As you seek to improve your building’s thermal quality, you’ll ensure that your workforce is exposed to highest-quality air. Excessively hot or cold environments are linked to myriad health concerns, so by better regulating your temperatures, you’ll help mitigate these concerns. You’ll also reduce airborne toxins and prevent dampness that could fester into dangerous mold.


Controlling these systems means taking a stand for the health of your employees. Over time, this could also mean lower costs for the health and medical benefits your company provides, as well.


  1. Improved Customer Loyalty and Brand Recognition


Think of the most dependable, highly trusted brands in the world. Chances are, if you head to their websites, you can find at least one page on their efforts toward going green. This is because the top brands recognize a common truth: Across the board, modern customers are willing to pay more for brands that can demonstrate one thing: sustainability.


Research shows that 66% of global consumers will pay more sustainable goods, a number that jumps to 73% for the millennial demographic. The bottom line? Even if it’s only a baby step at the moment, making the effort toward energy efficiency will only help your brand image, not hurt it.


From media recognition to social media shout-outs, there are various ways your company’s efforts can be noted and highlighted. In return, you have the potential to reach a new, wider audience whose values are aligned with yours.


Investing in Energy Efficiency Pays Off


If you’re considering learning more about ways to make your business more energy efficient, there’s never been a better time than now to make the switch. When you do so, a lower utility bill isn’t the only benefit you could stand to reap.


Investing in energy efficiency is a smart move for any company ready to compete in the future, turn the head of prospective clients, give their market value an uptick and improve the well-being of their most important asset–their employees.

To learn more, check out our building management services. We’ll help you embrace the future, one step at a time.

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