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The Landslide That Started With a Handshake A few years ago we partnered with an enterprise tech and utility expense

The Landslide That Started With a Handshake

A few years ago we partnered with an enterprise tech and utility expense management company that utilized it’s own software to help large firms manage and reduce costs. 

The concept was simple, we introduce them to our multi-location energy customers and as trusted agents, they offer our energy services to qualifying clients. It was simple, until the unexpected happened.

What is now one of our most successful channel agents, a partnerships that to date has brought both sides a countless number of accounts, was unlocked with energy first. 

By introducing energy first and showing their value by immediately reducing energy costs, like a magic key, energy opened the door to previous inaccessible accounts that today are some of their most valued clients. 

Energy Within Arms Length

You don’t need us to tell you that as a trusted adviser, everyone of your clients and even potential clients need energy in order to operate and more importantly grow. More obviously, apart from some select businesses, as companies work to increase production levels and expand their reach, they in turn use more energy and, like growing pains, their bills grow commensurately. Over the last two decades, almost all our clients came to us with the same pain points, the inability to control increasing energy bills. 

Be it telecom, software, cloud services or any other fundamental business commodity, with the Energy Professionals – AppSmart partnership, energy solutions are now within arms length. But in addition to introducing your clients to immediate energy savings of up to 25%, energy can be employed as an opener to accounts that were previously unreachable and also new accounts that would benefit from the instant value add you bring when you go with energy first.

"Lean On Me"

How do you talk energy when you’re not an expert in the energy market and what happens when clients start asking questions you don’t know the answer to? While you will start to see basic energy training appear on the Energy Professionals page of the AppSmart portal, you really just need a few things in order to help clients save. 

For over two decades, Energy Professionals has successfully balanced commercial customers’ desire for short term savings, with their need to mitigate risk long term. With almost two times the energy retail suppliers as the industry average and a leadership team with a 120 years of combined experience in the energy industry, Energy Professionals has helped over 200,000 energy customers reduce their costs.



Who Qualifies for Energy Procurement

Energy procurement is the process of sourcing and identifying the best electricity and natural gas rates as well as contracts terms that best fit a business’ needs. When talking about energy savings with clients, it’s important to know which states participate in the energy choice program. Where businesses have locations within any of these states, energy procurement is an effortless way to realize immediate energy savings. Below is a map depicting which states have electricity and natural gas choice, natural gas only and the few states where energy procurement is not applicable.



The Current Energy Market Poses Possibilities for Optimized Pricing

Saving your clients money is one thing. Helping them avoid an energy bill “catastrophe” is another. 


And while we don’t want to give you a headache over market data, knowing that now is an opportune time to help your clients with energy work to your advantage. 

Natural gas is the largest source behind U.S. electricity generation; accounting for about 35% of the total electricity generated. Due to it’s close correlation to electricity, our market analyst closely tracks and issues bimonthly reports on natural gas pricing. Our most recent report issued on January 20th, shows natural gas prices have dropped below $2.00, something that historically has occurred three other times. The report goes on to explain that over the last 20 years, when prices dropped below $2.00, they were always higher on average the following 36 months – creating an opportunity to contract low energy prices and protect clients against possibly spiked energy costs in the near future.  


OK, What Now?

Our approach starts with an obligation free no cost rate analysis. Taking into account a clients current energy rates, historical usage information and a few other factors, we work with top suppliers in the industry to find the best energy rates and contract terms. Presenting clients with the three best options and all the information they need, clients are able to make their own decisions on the options that best fits their business’ energy needs. To begin this process all we need is a recent electricity and natural gas invoice or bill. 


Don't Balk At The Site of Competition

As a trusted agent, you’re probably familiar with companies already working with someone and already having solutions they use. Like most products or services, competition abounds. 

When introducing energy to a client in one of the qualifying states, there’s a good chance they are already working with an energy consultant or are already mid an energy contract. 

Energy contracts can be set to “forward start”, meaning they start once a current contract ends with absolutely no interruption of service. As far as pricing is goes, by experience, most energy brokers do not have access to the same amount of energy suppliers as we do. There’s a good chance there are rates they can’t see and a high probability that better rates exist. At the end of the day, it’s the competition within the energy market that benefits the client and knowing that there’s better energy rates available won’t hurt. 


Lastly, Who To Contact

If you have any questions or need any assistance with energy procurement or want to get price quotes for one of your clients, Energy Professionals has a team dedicated to helping channel agents navigate through the entire process, making it simple and seamless. 

To reach our team call: (844) 276-5376 or e-mail us.

"From the minute I met this company I knew they knew what they were talking about. Their dedication and care to their clients and strategic partners really shows. I would recommend them to anyone who is trying to create an energy efficient home or business over any other."
Anthony Brown
Channel Partner

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Founded in 1999, Energy Professionals is one of North America’s leading Energy Consultants working with commercial customers to reduce and control their energy budgets, building client-specific, comprehensive energy strategies that factor in our client’s goals and objectives. Utilizing our extensive network of suppliers, energy efficiency experts and renewable energy partners, we bring the most effective, efficient and innovative technologies to the table. As an energy consulting firm, we offer both focused solutions to a specific issue and broad plans to address long-term growth, paving the way for energy independence, providing more choice and less waste.

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