Renewable Energy 101: Environmental Benefits

Renewable energy sources are vital in protecting and maintaining the environment. Whether you’re a small business owner or a savvy

energy auditRenewable energy sources are vital in protecting and maintaining the environment. Whether you’re a small business owner or a savvy homeowner, there are countless benefits associated with switching to renewable energy sources.

The fossil fuel sources we’ve relied on for the last 200 years have created devastating environmental issues that have only gotten worse. By introducing renewable energy sources, we can help mitigate environmental pollution — and save ourselves money in the process. Here are some of the top environmental benefits of switching to renewable energy sources.

It reduces air pollution

When fossil fuels are burned, CO2 and other harmful emissions are released into the air, all of which you breathe in on a daily basis. You see this every day when you turn on your car or pass by a coal-burning power plant. These harmful emissions contribute to the greenhouse gas effect, resulting in climate change issues across the globe.

Switching over to solar panels reduces the number of fossil fuels burned. In fact, if the adoption of renewable resources and energy efficient appliances becomes more widespread, we could reduce carbon emissions by 550 million metric tons by 2050.

It helps local ecosystems

Ecosystems surrounding power plants which rely on fossil fuels are negatively impacted by various forms of pollution. From air pollution to water pollution to land pollution, chemical runoff and the bioaccumulation of toxins in the food chain can degrade local ecosystems.

Don’t forget that humans are also part of local ecosystems. When your environment is negatively affected, your health will mimic its decline. Luckily, energy independence can help suspend your reliance on harmful fossil fuels. After all, solar doesn’t need water or fuel to operate: just the sunshine. If enough people follow your lead, we can stop coal-burning power plants from ravaging local ecosystems throughout the country.

Get an energy audit today

The first step to limiting your fossil-fuel dependency is by getting an energy audit from solar power professionals. Whether you’re trying to become more energy independent or you simply want to help the environment, rely on Energy Professionals to perform an energy audit on your home or business today. Talk to one of our experienced representatives for more information on residential and commercial solar.

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