Smart Technology for Reducing Your Energy Bill

One of the best ways to cut back on your energy bill is to become more aware of various energy

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One of the best ways to cut back on your energy bill is to become more aware of various energy solutions. Educating yourself on different types of energy efficiency gives you more options for saving money. You can combine tactics and cut back on your bill, while helping the world’s energy sustainability at the same time.

As technology progresses, the options for saving on your utilities become greater. From residential and commercial solar options to energy saving HVAC systems, the possibilities continue to grow. Keeping up with this technology may seem costly at first, but over time it will pay off. Below are a few ways you can use smart energy technology to start saving.

Solar Technology

The use of solar energy has grown by 20% per year over the past 15 years due to its gains in efficiency and drops in prices. Both residential and commercial solar options are now available, so businesses and homes are able to enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

Solar technology spans from roof solar panels to solar chargers for phones. There are all kinds of ways to utilize this form of energy and save money. There are even options for heating and cooling. Reaching out to a local residential or commercial solar company is a great way to get started with this tech and make some changes to your company or home.

Energy Efficient Windows

Windows make a massive difference when it comes to your energy costs. Installing new and energy efficient windows can help you to save money all through the year. They not only trap in cool air during the summer months, but they also keep in heat throughout winter.

You can also purchase windows that offer UV protection. Not only does this help block out some heat, but it protects items in your home from fading. It’s also safer for your family, because it protects them from harmful UV rays. You can reduce your energy bill and make your home a safer place with this option.

LED Lighting

One big switch that plenty of people and businesses are making is the switch to LED lighting. This is because LED bulbs save on energy while providing instant and bright illumination. They are a great step up from older bulbs that take time to reach their full brightness and use more energy.

LED bulbs also offer longer life spans. Some of them last more than 10 years. This means that you don’t have to replace them regularly and cut back on the cost of buying light bulbs.

Smart Power Strips

Smart versions of technology are popping up left and right. Companies are finding ways to make old products more energy efficient and rolling out new models for consumers. One of the items that have been upgraded are power strips. You can now buy smart power strips that are more energy efficient. Plugging your various appliances into these strips not only protects them from power surges, but it helps to cut back on energy costs.

Smart Thermostats

Last but not least in this list of energy managers are smart thermostats. Heating and cooling are a huge part of most energy bills, so the ability to make these processes more efficient can save you a lot of money. Newer thermostats offer a greater level of programming due to the use of special sensors and phone apps. You can monitor temperatures in different areas of your home and adjust them as needed. You can also choose to heat or cool certain parts of your home rather than every room at once. This means you aren’t wasting energy maintaining temperatures in rooms that you don’t regularly use.

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