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After Reaching Lowest Prices in 2 ½ Years Natural Gas Rallies, And We Are Entering a Period of High Volatility

The Feb 20th Energy Update warned that Natural Gas prices this low are unsustainable for the simple reason suppliers are

August 10th, 2021: Natural Gas Continues Bull Market Rally

https://youtu.be/tpdVC5NkZSA 1. To help you understand where we are today, in today’s report, I will be referencing several reports written

Energy Update | 4 January, 2021

Natural Gas Might Be Poised to Rally to a Higher High. In my Nov 30th Energy Update, I said over

Energy Update | Sept 14, 2020

Natural Gas Consolidating Above Buy Zone https://youtu.be/aBOAqc7y0r8 In my August 31st Energy Update, I said we had moved out of