Top Energy Saving Tips for Students

Your years as a student are most likely the most frugal years of your life. But as a student, you’re

Your years as a student are most likely the most frugal years of your life.

But as a student, you’re busy all day and night fixing and planning your social and academic issues and there is little time to think about “saving money on energy”.

Yet, at the end of the month, when the bills come in, there is no wonder that your energy bills take a good portion of your monthly student budget. And that doesn’t even count the global impact on the environment with the unnecessary waste of every student.

You may not even realize your footprint as a student until you need to write environmental problems essays

and have no idea why your money is running away until you analyze your lifestyle.

So, if you want to save your cash and help the planet, get the use of energy-saving tips for students and become an eco-friendly user with no hurdles.

How to Save Money and Energy as a Student

students saving money

1. Take Advantage of Natural Light

There is no point in wasting money and electricity sources if you have natural light for the whole day at your disposal. Here are several tips to benefit from the daylight maximally:

  • Plan your day thoroughly so that you can do everything until dusk;
  • Get up early to manage more without using electricity;
  • Get rid of the blinds and interior things shadowing the window;
  • Light colors and mirrors in the interior will reflect the light and make your room lighter;
  • Study outside to get more daylight without any obstacles.

If you get more organized and inventive, you will be able to reduce energy waste and fit all your needs and activities in daylight time easily.

2. Consider Changing Your Light Bulbs

If you still have to turn on the lights, let it be the energy-saving bulbs.

Ordinary bulbs consume too much energy and produce unnecessary heat. On the contrary, LEDs and CFLs are more eco-friendly in terms of energy consumption. In addition, such bulbs allow you to regulate light intensity, so that you can lower it to save more energy when you don’t need to read or work with small details.

Light color is another perk you can select to benefit from the room lighting and perform your duties with comfort and pleasure.

3. Use Light Sensors

Leaving lights on when you don’t need them is a common issue not only for students but for a majority of people as well. 

The perfect solution is installing light sensors. They switch the light on immediately when a person enters a room and switch it off when there is no movement detected within a stated time period.

This is a perfect option to reduce your light waste by placing such sensors in the bathroom, on the porch, in the garage, and anywhere you wish. 

Still, mind that pets can be serious obstacles on your way to eco-friendly consumptions making sensors work with no people in the room.

4. Replace Old Screens

Old devices consume much more energy than newer ones, so it is reasonable to renew your room or flat facilities to reduce the waste.

Old TV sets will add to your energy bills significantly. It is better to replace them with flat and LCD screens. Since students hang out in front of the TV a lot, so screen replacement is a worthy investment.

Besides, newer screens display more qualitative pictures as well as bring less harm to your eyes and health.

5. Update Your Kitchen

As a student, you need to cook food at home which will be more nutritious and healthy than takeout and fast food. This means you will use kitchen devices and consume energy a lot.

So, here are some tricks for you to reduce waste in the kitchen:

  • Select electricity-powered devices instead of gas-powered ones. Usually, the later ones are more eco-friendly and electricity bills will cost you less than ith gas-powered ones.
  • Get dishwasher. You will save your time, water, and energy with no need to heat water in the cold time of the year.
  • Get a microwave. Microwave operates quickly, consumes less energy and has the smaller effect on the environment.
  • Boil only the water you need. If you want a cup of tea, boil the exact amount of water you need instead of heating up the whole kettle. So, you will save a lot of energy eventually.
  • Cook in bigger portions. If you cook in bigger portions and leave the food frozen to heat it up later, you will use less energy than for cooking each meal separately.

Your cooking habits matter not only for your health but for the environment as well. So take measures to reduce energy waste with simple alterations to your lifestyle.

6. Spend More Time Outdoors

Students spend much time and consume energy for leisure activities.

Loud parties, overnight hanging out with friends, computer games, and more, all require much energy to be performed.

On the contrary, you only need to go outside and spend some time outdoors. Here are some ideas for students:

  • Work out in the park instead of the gym;
  • Eat and study outside to switch off lights and fan in your room;
  • Do sports outdoors instead of watching TV;
  • Hang out with friends outside.

This way you will switch off the light, unplug the devices, and close the door to relax in the harmony with nature and decrease the energy waste with no hurdles.

7. Start With Small or Simple Things First

Usually, there is no need to invent eco-friendly machinery, create a global environmental project, or go live into the wild. However, you can do this if you want. But all you really have to do is to adjust your lifestyle so that you can reduce energy waste as a student as much as you can. Some of the following tips may suit you:

  • Switch off the lights;
  • Unplug devices you don’t use;
  • Reduce thermostat temperature;
  • Reduce the temperature of the washing machine;
  • Close the doors in the cold time of the year;
  • Turn off the water when shaving or brushing your teeth;
  • Take shower instead of having a bath.

The list can go on and on. These things may seem nonsenses to you but if you add them up, they will make a huge difference. Remember, that even a slight change in your habit or daily routine can help you save energy and make the world a better place to live in even if you are a busy student.

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