Turning Visualization into Action: How Energy Analytics Work

How well do you know your company’s energy use trends? Are you aware at which times of day your organization

How well do you know your company’s energy use trends? Are you aware at which times of day your organization experiences a power surge? Can you point to the systems that drain your building of electrical capacity? If you’re shaking your head, it’s likely that your organization could stand to benefit from energy analytics.


Yet, what exactly is this software and how does it work? Though there are variations that exist among the myriad solutions providers, the basic aim is the same: to help business leaders better identify their energy waste and put steps in place to reduce it.


Today, we’re sharing a few ways that the visualization components of this software can be turned into actionable insights. With this data in hand, executives can make informed decisions about their company’s performance and financial future. Read on to learn more!


Beyond the Utility Meter


If you’re relying on your monthly utility bill to reveal how much energy your company uses on a monthly basis, you’re only getting a high-level overview. It’s important to dive deep into your consumption habits to curb excess and better manage your peak periods.


Energy analytics are part of a greater building automation system, or BAS, leveraging high-tech Internet of Things (IoT) devices and submeters to give leaders a real-time look into their building performance. As a result, the analytics provided are more detailed, granular and actionable. The intervals they measure center on shorter timeframes (versus entire months) and are therefore more demonstrative of true usage levels.


Personalized Access and Control


When you implement an energy analytics solution, you’ll receive access to a centralized dashboard for a quick look at the important data you need. If you receive this offering from a third-party provider, that provider will access your energy data via your BAS system, analyze it and then update your dashboard accordingly with customized insights and recommendations.


In addition to automated reports, some companies will also perform various level-based analysis to future propel you toward a more energy efficient future. For instance, you may opt to also receive a machine-level analysis that reveals which systems in your workplace are energy-draining, outdated and in need of replacement. Or, you may be interested in learning about ways to optimize your operations or manage your power spikes via individualized load profile analyses.


Potential Savings Revealed


The data your energy analytics system provides can transform from simple charts and graphs into concrete cost savings if applied correctly. Your software can reveal areas of inefficiency in your current operations and suggest solutions to reverse such trends. In turn, you could lower your utility bills as you eliminate areas of energy misuse or waste.


Moreover, most reports can be customized on a per-building or per-plant level, so even if your organization is widespread and encompasses multiple entities, you can pinpoint exactly where you’re losing money on energy. Relying on a meter alone can leave you second-guessing where the real culprit lies.


Succeeding with Robust Energy Analytics


Today, it seems as though there’s a “smart” solution for just about everything. While the need for some of these systems remains debatable, energy analytics is one smart program that lives up to its name.


By taking a closer look at how your company uses its energy, you’re in a better position to make changes for the better. If you’re ready to cut your energy costs, improve your profitability and streamline production, contact us for a quote today. We’ll get you in touch with the right partners that can make all the difference for your company and its vision.

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