Two Routes To Reduced Electrical Bills

What’s The First Thing You Think of? The Common Answers With the average U.S. business spending about thirty percent of

What's The First Thing You Think of?

The Common Answers

With the average U.S. business spending about thirty percent of their operating expenses on utilities, who wouldn’t want to pay less for their electricity? 

It’s a question many business owners and finance people ask themselves when they see their monthly bills increasing without any apparent reason. 

So, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about reducing your bills? 

Probably the usual stuff, replacing all your light bulbs with new LEDs, ensuring your windows and doors are properly sealed, turning off lights in empty rooms or offices, controlling your thermostat, and so on. 

These are all things you can do to immediately reduce your bills, but here’s the secret: these common solutions are only going to reduce your bill by so much. Meaning, while you will see slight drops in your monthly bill, there are other more effective solutions that will result in the kind of reductions you are looking for.

The Big Business Mindset

The bigger your business, the more you spend on electricity. The more you grow or the more you scale, the more you’re going to spend. When you’ve got multiple locations, a manufacturing plant, a distribution center or company branches that span several states, reducing your electric bill becomes more and more important but at the same time, it’s not something that’s at the forefront of your daily routine. 

I don’t think we’ll ever see the CEO of a large corporation running around turning off lights in empty rooms or changing thermostats to save those few hundred dollars. 

A Free Energy Analysis Could Reduce Your Bills by 25%

The 2 Paths of Least Resistance

When we speak about shaving off up to 25% of your monthly electrical bill and potentially saving you thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, we’re not talking about the normal routine energy efficiency solutions you find on the internet. 

When you spend a lot on electricity and use a lot of power, there are many factors that go into reducing your bill. That’s not to make this sound complicated, that’s to tell you we’ve got various ways of doing it all adding up to you saving money every single month. 

Two keep this simple, we’ve broken it down into two main solutions:

Why Pay More for The Same Thing?

If you’re in a deregulated state, you’re able to choose your energy supplier giving you access to competitive energy rates, resulting in you paying less for your energy. 

A recent study done in Texas showed that businesses that had energy choice (meaning, they could choose their energy supplier) were spending 8% less in energy each month over businesses that were paying the normal market based rates.

But, chances are that if you’re in a deregulated energy state, you already know this. 

What you might not be thinking with is that even if you’re mid a contract, with anywhere up to 24 months left, you can still take advantage of low energy rates to save.

Let's Be Smarter About This!

So what about once you’ve already got a low rate or what if you’re not in a deregulated state? 

Well, then there’s the easy answer. Let’s reduce the amount of electricity you use. 

Thanks to advancing technology, energy efficiency solutions provide easy and affordable ways to see an immediate and dramatic reduction the amount of power your existing appliances use. 

From HVAC New Life Restoration to Smart LED systems, Energy Intelligence that links to your smart phone, Backup Generation to reduce your peak usage and many other possible solutions. Energy Efficiency strategies are all calculated to use less electricity, save you money and pay themselves off!

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