Viral Tweet Raises The Question: At What Temp Should You Leave Your Thermostat?

So what is the right temperature for optimal efficiency? A recent viral tweet posted by Reporter Jennifer Titus stirred up quite

So what is the right temperature for optimal efficiency?

A recent viral tweet posted by Reporter Jennifer Titus stirred up quite a fuss on social media when she asked the simple question:

"How cool do you keep your house?"

Thousands of people commented, retweeted and liked Jennifer’s post as she reported on a recent statement made by Energy Star – a Department of energy and Environmental Protection Agency program. 

The Energy Star recommendation, attempting to advise on energy efficiency, claimed that homes should be kept at 78 degrees at minimum. The same statement also suggested homes be kept at 85 degrees when residents aren’t at home and 82 degrees while people were sleeping. 

Hence, Jennifer’s tweet:

  • 78 when you’re home
  • 85 degrees when you’re at work or away
  • 82 when you’re sleeping

Thousands of comments shed the right answer

So what is the right thermostat setting to achieve optimal energy efficiency? 

While follow up posts and articles tried to answer this question or at least give some clarification, thousands of comments and replies to Jennifer’s post tell us the simple answer: 

There is no right setting.

Some years ago The Washington Post posted an article entitled, How air conditioning transformed the U.S. economy the report quotes:

“Before air-conditioning, American life followed seasonal cycles determined by weather. Workers’ productivity declined in direct proportion to the heat and humidity outside — and on the hottest days employees left work early and businesses shut their doors. Stores and theaters also closed down, unable to comfortably accommodate large groups of people in stifling interiors. Cities emptied in summers…. Houses and office buildings were designed to enhance natural cooling, and people spent summer days and evenings on porches or fire escapes.”

Everything changes after 1928 and with the discovery of coolant fluids that made air conditioning possible. Retail stores could now operate year-round and Americans could now live and work in previously inhospitable regions of the South and South West. 

With air conditioning and heating being so important to our production, economy and our everyday comfort in living, you start to ask yourself what came first? The chicken or the egg, or rather, air conditioning and heating or the money we use to pay for it?

And yet, there IS a right answer?

With all the technology available to us today the right answer is sitting in plane sight.

Why not set the thermostat at whatever temperature you want, whatever is comfortable for you, without worrying about your electric bill.

Today, energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions such as solar make it possible for you to be independent and efficient, without needing to sacrifice comfort.

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