Which Companies are Going Green?

Today, going green provides many benefits, not only for the environment but also for you as a home or business

Today, going green provides many benefits, not only for the environment but also for you as a home or business owner. Thanks to increasing demand for green energy, the renewable energy market has consistently grown over the past decade with the U.S. producing more and more renewable energy each year. Below you can see a graph that shows growth in each of the main sources of renewable energy generation up to 2018.

Not too long ago, going green meant large capital investments and major businesses would often need to pay exorbitant amounts to reduce their carbon footprint and to be able to say they were using green energy. But thanks to the growing demand and thanks to advancing renewable energy technologies, going green has not only become affordable but in many cases it can be installed at home or at your business for less than you are currently paying for energy each month; making going green a cost effective energy solution.

Why Go Green?

While going green, be it for your home or for your business, is a personal choice. Most likely the first reason that comes to mind is that it helps you to reduce your carbon footprint and that it’s good for the environment. That is in fact, a primary reason. But there are also many other reasons to green, many of which are contributing to today’s booming renewable energy market. Some reasons to go green include:

Increased Your Property’s Value: Adding solar panels to your home or business immediately increases its property value by 15 – 25% depending on your location. But going green doesn’t only mean going solar. Finding ways to reduce your overall energy use by using energy more efficiently can also help you be greener. In turn, having energy-efficient appliances at your home or business, water-efficient toilets, and so on also increases the overall value of your property.

Energy Savings: Most American’s feel they are paying too much for energy each month. Well, the U.S. Department of Energy projected that if all buildings in the U.S. were green, the U.S. would use $20 billion dollars less in energy every single year. Many cities and states also have rebates and programs that reward you if you use renewable energy. For example, some utilities offer you up to a 10% credit on any solar energy produced.

Independence: Energy prices in the U.S. increased an average of 4% every single year. Being able to create your own energy, gives you peace of mind allowing you to focus on growing your business without needing to worry about high energy bills that increase every single year or every summer and winter.

Building a Better Future: Whether you are a supporter of global warming or not it’s not hard to see that producing energy by burning oil and fossil fuels produces a lot of pollution. By slowly reducing the U.S.’s dependency on dirty methods of energy production; and increasing the demand for renewable energy that is produced without polluting the environment; you are helping your future generation be able to live in a non-polluted planet.

Which Major Companies are Going Green?

Going green may seem like a big step for you. But here are some major companies that you know and love that have gone green or have committed to going green in the future.

Any business that adopts using 100% renewable energy is making a positive impact and helping to increase the overall demand for renewable energy.

Corporations that said they would be using 100% renewable energy by 2035 include:

  • Adobe and HP
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • General Motors
  • and Kellogg’s committed to going green by 2050

Some major companies that are already operating from 100% renewable energy include:

  • Estee Lauder
  • Microsoft
  • Apple is using renewable energy across 43 countries
  • LEGO
  • Google

Target plans to use 100% renewable energy by 2030 with designs to install solar panels on over 500 locations and have electrical charging stations at 100 premier locations across the U.S.

Walmart plans to use 100% renewable energy by 2025.

While you might think “well these companies have enough money to go green”, also keep in mind that that going green means covering a lot of different locations, distribution centers, and manufacturing centers. Additionally, keep in mind that in most cases, you can go green and operate your home or business with renewable energy for less money than you are currently paying already. So no matter how big or small your home or business is, there is an affordable renewable energy solution for you that will not only help you reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment, but it will also help you save money and reduce your overall costs.

An Easy Way to Go Green

Going green and running your company from renewable energy is Afterall a commitment to your environment and an investment in your home or business. We say investment because we’ve proven again and again that installing renewable energy at home or at work has so many financial benefits that it’s not an expense.

But there is also another way to go green! As cities and states focus more and more on renewable energy goals large renewable energy production “farms” are being built that will supply green energy to homes and businesses. Energy Professionals can help you ensure your energy is linked to one of those renewable energy production farms, be it wind or solar, and give you full certification that you are using Green Energy!


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