Why Are My Electric Bills So High?

If you’re wondering why your electric bill seems abnormally high in recent months, you’re not the only one. Of course,

If you’re wondering why your electric bill seems abnormally high in recent months, you’re not the only one.

Of course, your electric bill will fluctuate from time to time. Yes, it’s summer, and yes maybe you and your family have spent more time at home due to quarantine and Covid-19 related safety restrictions. But are these factors enough to justify such a big jump in your electric bill? Or are the utility companies simply increasing the rates and adding fees?

This month, many electric customers across America are complaining about overly high electric bills. The below video posted by CBS New York, shows some customers are seeing a 400% upsurge in monthly bills. It gives an example of a bill that grew from an average of $100 a month to over $540. 

In Connecticut, the increase in electricity pricing was so shocking to customers that it made most major headlines and as one paper put it: After a week of complaints, utility regulators temporarily pull plug on Eversource rate hike. One Eversource customer experienced a 50% increase just from higher “delivery charges”, a catch-all for all sorts of fees that utilities charge customers, on top of what they charge for electricity.

Electric customers in North Florida also experienced unusually high electric bills as one customer said “it’s just that the bill is coming that way. I mean I find it kind of strange that that’s $200 per device basically so like the water and electricity that’s really high.” Per the Jacksonville Electric Authority, the utility that supplies electricity to North Florida, increasing rates to offset late fees that they’ve waived during Covid-19 is not part of their standard practice. 

Customers in Texas also saw higher rates as FOX 14 news reported on El Paso’s spiked bills. One customer reported that his grandmother’s electric bill was $441 when it’s usually around $180. Unfortunately, many other customers were in the same situation. 

Meantime, some states like California who are also experiencing higher than normal electric bills due to a recent heat wave, are expressing frustration as blackouts due to a strained California electrical grid enter day 4.

How Can I Find Lower Electricity Rates?

As utilities increase rates to try and supply an increasing demand of electricity, if you live in a deregulated energy market you should shop around to find the cheapest electricity rates. After finding a good rate, you can either switch to a new electricity supplier or use the rates found to negotiate with your current power provider.

What Is Energy Deregulation?

Today, as an electric customer, you can choose where you get your electricity and natural gas from. But it wasn’t always that way. Some states, recognizing that the regulation of energy as unfair trade practice, passed laws restructuring the energy market, allowing for you to choose from multiple retail energy providers based on their rates and terms that best fit your energy needs (also read: The Benefits of Energy Deregulation).

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