Why The Focus on Energy Efficiency

Conservation VS Efficiency On average, it’s estimated that 30% of your energy bill goes towards paying energy that was unnecessarily

Conservation VS Efficiency

On average, it’s estimated that 30% of your energy bill goes towards paying energy that was unnecessarily used. Depending on your business’ monthly energy bill, that thirty percent could equal a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollar or tens of thousands dollars. No matter the amount, finding ways to optimize your energy use will benefit your business in multiple ways. 

Most easy to find solutions to energy overspend or energy waste lean in the direction of energy conversation. Energy conservation and energy efficiency both have the same goal – reducing your energy use – but each takes a different approach. 

Energy conservation solutions lean in the direction of better managing, and specifically reducing activities that use energy. Setting your thermostat so that the air conditioners isn’t working as hard during peak periods, ensuring the lights are turned off when rooms or offices are not in use and using equipment less are some examples of common solutions. 

While energy conservation plays a key role in curtailing energy use and reducing energy waste, it only takes you so far before it starts to play against your business’ ability to grow and expand. In fact, the inability to control increasing energy bills is a common pain point we’ve found among companies that are driving growth. In all cases, the answer was energy efficiency

“My electric bills have gone down by about half! Believe it or not the electric for the tavern last month was under $300”

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency solutions involve technology that harnesses your energy needs and works to avoid or reduce energy waste so that you can do everything you need in order for your business to produce, deliver and grow – all while using less energy to do so. Yes, that’s possible. 

A very simple example of energy efficiency could be a house hold appliance such as a microwave, a dryer or a space heater that has been designed to deliver the same results as other such appliances while using less energy. 

A common business solution is to install new LED light rigging that, like a catalyst, uses modern LED lights to provide better lit offices while using less bulbs and so less energy.

A more complex example could be a full energy intelligence platform installed across a multi location facility that delivers real time data about operations and through automation and artificial intelligence works to continue all operations smoothly while using sometimes up to 50% less energy to do so. Yes, this is all possible. 

In addition to the obvious benefits of reduced costs, energy efficiency provides added benefits such as better reliability, a major step towards your business’ sustainability goals and in some cases could be the subject of a substantial tax credit on the costs of installation. 

You're Not Just Helping Yourself

Without the energy efficiency investments that have been made over the last 35 years, today, U.S. energy consumption would be 60% higher than it was four decades ago.

These same investments, mainly driving better building codes, appliance standards and energy efficiency programs sponsored by legislature and some local utilities, save Americans over $800 billion dollars in energy costs every single year. 

Additionally, as energy efficiency installations and projects cannot be out-sourced, energy efficiency has helped boost local economy and the job market. Today, energy efficiency related work supports over 2 million jobs across the U.S. 

Lastly, as the U.S works to reduce energy produced by fossil fuels, energy efficiency helps to reduce the need to build new coal power plants and enables the retirement of old ones. 

In a snap shot, thanks to rapidly advancing modern technology, energy efficiency solutions are paving a completely new future for energy. 


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