You can’t work in the dark. But you can control your lights.

Turning the lights off when you leave your office isn’t quite enough. For hospitals, schools, manufacturers, large buildings and even

Turning the lights off when you leave your office isn't quite enough.

For hospitals, schools, manufacturers, large buildings and even medium to small sized businesses, lights can consume a large portion of your monthly electric bills. The bigger your building, the bigger your bill. 

Up to a few years ago, there were not many things you could do outside of paying your electricity bill each month and hope that next month wasn’t as big. 

Thanks to modern technology there are many things you can do to better control your energy usage, save money and provide improved comfort and safety. 

Install Lighting Controls 

If we’ve got smart phones and smart cars, we may as well have smart lighting. Lighting controls allow you to set your lights up for maximum energy efficiency. Lights can be set to turn on or off on a set schedule or at specified times. Smart lighting can also be set to turn on and off or dim lights according to daylight conditions and the amount of natural light coming into a room. Rooms and areas not always occupied can also be set to turn on or off depending on occupancy. All together, light controls is a system that gives you big savings with no effort. 

Upgrade to new efficient lighting fixtures

A lot of buildings were built before modern lighting technology. Retrofitting or upgrading your light fixtures to modern systems that take advantage of newer lighting technologies reduces the number of bulbs per fixture while providing better lighting. The fixtures are also designed to use less energy. Modern light fixtures also give you more lighting options as most modern light fixtures are adjustable, making it easy to change the appearance of lighting and how you light up a room. Upgrading to modern, efficient light fixtures saves money while providing you with better lighting. 

Re-lamp or re-ballast existing light fixtures

A quick and easier way to immediately reduce costs, installing new or more efficient light bulbs allows you to immediately reduces costs. Re-ballasting can also reduce the amount of electricity being used per light bulb. 


Energy Professionals offers lighting and energy efficiency solutions to help you better control your energy usage. Giving you more choice and less waste.

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