Your Biggest Energy Wastes

Commercial energy bills are anything but fixed. We work with our commercial energy customers to ensure they are getting the

Commercial energy bills are anything but fixed.

We work with our commercial energy customers to ensure they are getting the best products at the best possible rates.

But beyond just the rate for the energy you use, many businesses waste energy…in ways which can be remedied.

Here are several of the most frequent offenders in commercial energy waste.

Air Leaks

While many buildings have been retrofitted with caulking, weather stripping, new insulation, and new windows, air leaks are still one of the most common energy wasters in many facilities.

Where the foundation meets the exterior, the exterior meets the roofing, throughout exterior walls, and especially where there are older windows, buildings such as churches, warehouses, and offices can leak thousands of dollars worth of energy annually.

Air leaks also lead to harder work for the next item…


Heating and air conditioning are two of the biggest energy expenditures for commercial facilities of every type.

In addition to better insulation, as described in the section above, advances in technology have dramatically improved HVAC functions, including:

  • Smart thermostats, which adjust for daily occupancy times, seasonal changes, and other important factors.
  • Flexible energy equipment, such as those that can heat with different fuels (depending on market rates), or AC which can run off of solar panels.
  • Heating reuse technology, where heat leaked from appliances or other equipment is used for occupancy heating, or the energy from heating gets redirected into process heating and electrochemical processes (two of the biggest energy guzzlers in many industries).

Trends in heating and cooling suggest that we will see continued advances in these technologies.


While many businesses have switched to lower-cost, lower maintenance LED lighting, many others have not, or have in limited application.

Lighting was the 2nd biggest energy expenditure in commercial buildings in the United States just a few short years ago, but thanks to smarter light bulbs and fixtures, those numbers have dramatically improved. Further improvements can be made with lighting occupancy sensors, including dimming features.


In some industries, appliance usage is directly tied to cooling and lighting, such as with commercial vending machines.

In nearly every industry, appliance and machinery technologies have improved. Here are some of the key ways to save on appliance and machinery-related energy expenses:

  • Workflow analysis – Use the same equipment at off-peak times, when possible.
  • Equipment upgrades – Many newer appliances are much smarter about energy usage.
  • Auto shut-offs – Just like thermostats and lighting, appliances can get smarter, turning down or off completely when not in usage

Depending on the industry, tax breaks and incentives can help upgrade equipment and reduce energy waste.

Bonus: The Energy You Could Generate

One of the biggest energy wasters is lost potential: the energy that could be generated on site.

For example, a large commercial bakery in Colorado recently turned their rooftop into an onsite power plant by installing solar panels.

Solar panels look better and cost less than ever before, with no upfront costs or paying for themselves in a short period of time, depending on purchasing agreements.

For those commercial properties looking to dramatically reduce energy expenses, onsite energy generation is the way to go.

Get Smart with Energy Professionals

At Energy Professionals, we operate as independent energy brokers for a complete energy management strategy.

Whether you want to reduce energy expenses, target the most effective energy upgrades for your facility, or “go green” with renewable energy resourcing, we have the expertise to get you there.

We offer our commercial energy clients a free energy soft audit, to help determine the most effective strategy to save you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, on your energy needs.

Contact us to find out how.

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